What is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health is a way of identifying and making clear the psychological/emotional problem that is impairing our ability to function effectively in our everyday lives with friends, co-workers, associates or loved ones.

Our problems can be broken down into manageable behavior, which allows us to understand and take charge by doing something under our own control to change our lives.
A Supportive Environment

A supportive environment provides you or your family member a healthy, behavior-oriented means to change the way you live life.  Past life experiences have taught us how life is and how we should react, although this is no often the most emotionally satisfying or stress relieving

If you are uncomfortable with the way your life is going, we can provide you the necessary tools, and help you learn how to use them.
Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a useful tool in identifying problem areas or individual strengths to focus upon when interacting with life's stressors.

It is helpful to your physicians and teachers in solidifying or challenging the behaviors that may be inhibiting progress in health or school-related matters.

It is also an additional tool used by employers in filling positions that may be highly stressful or socially sensitive.

It has been quite helpful in understanding and programming for persons who have experienced neurological insult.

It is helpful to your understanding.
Consultation and Support

Consultative services can be provided to your physician, teacher, employer, Probation Officer, lawyer, Social Service Provider, or Judge who has made a referral to our office.

Group counseling and therapy services can be a cost-effective means for change.  We can provide these or assist in developing these in conjunction with concerned individuals.

Consultation services are also available to assist in providing Traumatic Brain Injury or Developmental Disabilities support and programming.
Explanation of Services
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